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In Praise of Booby-Trapped

"...a powerful book, outstanding work, courageous project. It will tickle your funny bone."
-Patricia Love, Ed.D., coauthor of The Emotional Incest Syndrome, Hot Monogamy; author of The Truth about Love

"...each chapter provides a new adventure into the world of therapy and women's issues."
-Cindy Rogers, coauthor of As I Journey On; Meditations

"...through her observations, insights, and research, Dr. Sachs uncovers the delicate underpinnings that have held so many women hostage by their body image and kept their partners shut out from understanding them."
-Dr. Dan & Meg Haycraft, founders of TWOgether, Inc., resource for couples education

"...exciting, funny, and emotional. This book should become both a play and a movie-of-the-week. Like The Vagina Monologues, once I began to read it, I couldn't put it down."
-Yenny Nun, entertainment reporter, producer, and screenwriter

" incredible, important, worthy work for women. Congratulations!"
-Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, 97 Cavett Award Recipient, Past President, National Speakers Association

"...a powerful indictment of our breast-obsessed culture delivered through a series of gripping stories of women coming to term with their bodies and each other."
- William J. Doherty, Ph.D., Professor of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota, author of Take Back Your Marriage: Sticking Together in a World That Pulls Us Apart

"...having seen multitudes of women in the fitness industry, I realize that a sensation of shame about the breasts is a consistent phenomenon even when the rest of the body is in good physical shape. Reading Booby-Trapped has opened my eyes to see solutions for that dichotomy for many women."
-Nicole Parks, MS, exercise physiologist, NASM-CPT

"...describes the extraordinary significance of women's experiences of their breasts and their bosom's direct impact on female self-esteem and sense of femininity."
-Lori Gordon, Ph.D., author Passage to Intimacy, founder of PAIRS Programs (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills)

"...more than breasts or body image, this book is about identity and relationships and self-acceptance. Men can learn a lot about women and their own attitudes about loving the whole person, not a collection of body parts."
-Joan Weiss, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, expert on women and shame

"...reading about the variety of attitudes these women have toward their breasts opened my eyes. Nili's sensitivity in bringing the issues to the surface warmed my heart."
-Barbara Patton, writer/editor

"...the diverse group of women portrayed in Booby-Trapped provides a fascinating look into the fears, loves, and self-esteem issues women have with their own bodies."
-Pam Krank, CoPresident, Minnesota Chapter, National Association of Women Business Owners

"...explores the psychological significance attached to breasts as well as the immense role that culture plays to influence women's attitudes about their breasts."
-Uzzi Reiss, M.D.,OB/GYN, author of Natural Hormone Balance for Women

"...a wonderful read, filled with real people, that helps each of us understand more of who we are and why. I read it in one sitting, how could you ever put this book down?"
-Betsy Buckley, APR, President, What Matters

"...this book appeals to everyone! It is so readable and really made you think!"
-Christine Hardten, a mother of two girls

" is a wake up call for parents and professionals who care about the fragile fabric of a healthy body image, whether for a cherished child, an adolescent or a woman."
-Pamela Hartman, El.Ed. Early Childhood Education

"...there is not a girl over 14 or a woman of any age who will not find this fascinating book tremendously enlightening. I felt the lights going on in my mind with every page. The format which takes us into the therapists group sessions in each chapter is brilliant. Not only should you own this book, you will want to give a copy to all of the women in your life."
-Dottie Walters CSP, Publisher SHARING IDEAS SPEAKERS MAGAZINE, Author Speak & Grow Rich

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